Wizardique provides the ultimate spa experience of luxury and relaxation for all seven senses. You've tried the rest, now be soothed in the way only a wizard can offer. We are the only spa in all the kingdoms of man and elf to utilize exclusively level five or higher wizards.

Wizardique is a deluxe spa and retreat situated atop Mount Duul T'saar. This peaceful and contemplative place provides visitors with year-round tropics, gorgeous sunsets, and a scenic view of the Hrru'maar Valley. Wizardique is conveniently located within owl-riding distance of the Lost City of Zun'shaar and we welcome day visitors as well as overnight guests and visitors imprisoned in gems or crystals.

When you come to Wizardique and experience the pleasures that await, you may just want to skip the boat to Valinaar.

Feet, Fingers, and Face

Get ready to get tactile with the experts of Wizardique. We offer a number of holistic treatments for the parts at the periphery. They call them your extremities, we call them in need of some TLC.

The Ultimate Facial
Our custom facials are beyond this realm! The ultimate facial begins with a personalized pore scrying with one of our licensed poreacles utilizing our electro-heliochronomoter to foretell your optimal complexion. Based on your skin profile a custom mask will be developed by our alchemists, but before that's applied you will undergo an invigorating exfoliating blast and a hot stone extraction. Cleansing steam boiled from spring water by a dragon's breath conjuration will open your pores. Our expert wizards use subtle electrical cantrips as they massage and relax your facial muscles. Only then will the moisturizing mask be applied. After fifteen minutes the mask will be removed by a cone of cold, sealing in the rejuvenating ingredients and restoring circulation to your skin. You'll feel like an orc berserker of the hot-blooded southern tribes!

Magnificent Manicure
What is born from a bowl of diamonds and dies with a scream? Wizardique's custom-hatched manicure golems, of course. These diamond golems are just smart enough to give you the perfect manicure with their razor-sharp fingers. We like to think that scream they give as they dissolve into smoke is a cry of satisfaction at a job well done. We know your friends will be screaming with envy when they see this manicure.

A Perfect Pedicure
Just like our incredible manicures, only the golem chews your toenails to perfection with its rows upon rows of needle teeth. When its job is done the pedicure golem departs, and our golems never expect a tip! Try not to move during the pedicure.


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