Dear Zombie Game Graffiti,

My relationship with my girlfriend of two years is in a real state of emergency. I don't want her to know about this, so let's just call her "Fema." Things with Fema have really slowed down. After some really hot, passionate times early in our relationship, we barely ever have sex anymore. I brought up the idea of a threesome and she seemed into it, but I am having second thoughts. What if she enjoys this girl (or guy) more than she enjoys me? I guess I am just having a lot of trust issues. What should I do? Is the relationship over?

Confused in Minneapolis

Dear Zombie Game Graffiti,

I just started seeing this girl and she is really cute and fun, but she has these wild mood swings. I guess she is still a little messed up by how her last relationship ended and she gets really depressed. When she isn't acting like that she is a lot of fun. I guess my question is, should I stick it out with her. Will it get better? If I decide to stay is there any way to deal with it or help her get through it?

Loving the Broken-Hearted in Louisiana

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