big duck equals goose

> Take off your shirt, get up on stage and push in front of the mic, scream "I love you wife!!" And stage dive onto her.

Poland Spring

> Get up on stage and re-propose to her and then get remarried by GWAR in a brutal, bloody ceremony


> Shout at GWAR to play Free Bird



> Inform wife that made you incredibly aroused. Take her to seedy rent by the hour motel. Buy her some crack.



> Stroke her arm softly then tell her you'll take her home in a soothing manner. Leave her at the concert then go home and fuck the babysitter.



> devour horse figurines


18 Character Limit

> violently excrete ponies at Byron to finally teach him fundamental manliness.


> Masturbate on everything you can (including your son and the sitter).

Grand Prize Winner

> conquer



we can still make this right
> bar son's door, set fire to everything

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