Howdy gang! This week's Phriday was done a bit different, but that works out to your benefit. We're rocking your world with "Insect Sports," which started out as the theme for a wildcard tourney meant to round out the SA Goons team competing in Worth1000's Photoshop Battle Royale. After we rapped that up, we went ahead and made it into the week's Phriday assignment since there were so many good images just begging to be shown. What are insect sports? Well, insects may be tiny machines driven to annoy and carry bits of sugar around, but at some point they have to unwind and have fun. What better way to do that than play some sports? It makes sense to me, and I'm not even a drug addict yet. But anyway, let's get things started and show off all the cool images we have in our warehouse!

"CupBoy" brings us this exciting looking fight:

"Boxes" gives us a glimpse of a bustling battle in a duct tape Thunderdome!

"geno1173" pokes fun at Worth1000's final entry from the last Photoshop Tournament.

"Unkempt" entertains us. We are entertained.

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