Fight Cast or Evade, submitted by Mike. You know, just the other day I was saying to myself, "You know what we really need in this time of dire international crises? A horribly drawn furry fantasy webcomic that is intensely unfunny and frequently makes no sense." And faster than you can say "vomit-inducing," Fight Cast or Evade fell right into my lap! This long-running series by artist/nerd Matt Trepal actually presented quite an conundrum to young Greasnin, I'll admit. What do you do with a shitty webcomic that claims to be aware of its own shittitude? In his so-called manifesto (any website boasting its own manifesto can't be crazy!), Trepal acknowledges that his art sucks lemur spleen and that some people may not find him work funny. That self-realization raises a sticky question - if the webmaster points out his own faults, is it then right to make the site an Awful Link of the Day? The answer in this case is yes, yes it is most definitely right. You see, Trepal compares people not finding his humor funny to people not finding Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler funny. The thing is, whereas people might not enjoy the humor of Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler because their shtick is crude or sophomoric, people who don't enjoy the humor of Fight Cast or Evade don't like it because it just isn't fucking funny. On any level. Even a little. I feel that gives me the right to eviscerate the site by making it an Awful Link. Plus, it's a horribly drawn furry fantasy webcomic.

The character featured in the above slice o' quality pie is Yerzle. He joins such other memorable characters as Stillwell the elephant and Portia the magic skunk. The significance of these characters being animals is not particularly apparent, aside from the constant pathetic animal jokes (there's a deer character named Fawn! Oh, my aching sides!). The actual furriness is toned down to mere anthropomorphism in most cases. There is, however, a guest art gallery that seems to devote a disproportionate amount of space to pictures of Portia the skunk woman, and a disproportionate amount of each picture to Portia's breasts. Yifftastic. Of course, no visit to Fight Cast or Evade is complete without a gander at the forum. Take a peek! Your eyes will thank you. Your brain will burst into flames, but your eyes will thank you.*

*Eyes may not thank you.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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