Two contestants at the annual "East Appleton Muskie Leech Swallowing Competition". They are dressed for success!
I don't know what exactly is going on in this photo, but it's probably not legal.
Oh no! Serbian maid Yyvoenne Gorgenshmola is trapped between rival vending machines. Who will clean up the bathroom in the 7-11 now?
Suzy Reynolds wanted to be a cast member on "Blossom". She was edged out by that whore who played "Six". I hated that kid. I hated the person who played "Joey" even more though. Hell, I despised the entire cast. I only watched that show because it was on before "Law and Order".
"Hmmm, pork or ham? Pork or ham? Why not both?" Stevie's hair reflects his passion for meatloaf.