Throughout the twentieth century comic books proved to me one of the most imaginative mediums on the planet. Where else could you find men donning spandex to fight crime, robots and aliens awkwardly carrying unconscious women, and American marines violently killing horrible racist caricatures of Japanese people? Aside from my dreams, only in comic books. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons do another tribute to some of the finer comics of the last century. From romance to super-heroes, we've got it all covered!

monkeyheads completely fails to offer up any good mummy stories. SEE IF YOU GET A CHRISTMAS BONUS THIS YEAR, ASSHOLE.

Boozer Bear just learned a new word. Can you guess what that word is?

EXPLODASAURUS has a name that screams action and a body of work that is eerily subdued.

Cymoro rushes in with topical gold mining humor for all you prospectors out there.

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