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Sheriff Woolbridge is now following Chicago Bill
Chicago Bill Ain't never shot a man who weren't meant to die. Till tonight. Lord save me.
6 minutes ago. 93 Comments
Rapid City Russ what in tarnation did I drink? awoke halfway between los moches and navajoa with one boot.
9 minutes ago. 3 Comments

Chicago Bill has shot Wild Ron.

Cowboy Charlie learnt a mighty hard lesson on the perils of courtship in this goddanged lawless age.
15 minutes ago. 49 Comments
Cowboy Bradley These hands ain't unaccustomed to labor, but goddamn it if I still can't figure out how this th
17 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe is looking to form an exploratory posse to deliberate on the prospect of a train robbery.
25 minutes ago. 16 Comments
Tex Crawford where is my dadblamed horse!!!!!!!!! she needs her medicine dang it!!!!
27 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Cowboy Charlie had a mighty shameful experience. Headin to the saloon to drown it in strong spirits.
34 minutes ago. 23 Comments
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz is flourishing despite the yodelin' downturn. Don't worry y'all!
40 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Hoagy Calhoun hoowee! saddle's so dang old my derriere is pinker'n a dodge city whore
1 hour ago. 2 Comments
Cowboy Charlie and June Carson are now listed as courtin'.
1 hour ago. 19 Comments
You have removed Boyd Boon from your posse.
Boyd Boon has invited you to ClaimBuddy, where you can assess the value of your claim in one click!
1 hour ago. 0 Comment
Boyd Boon has invited you to take the Which Infamous West Texas Outlaw Are Y'all quiz!
2 hours ago. 0 Comments
Boyd Boon wants to test your Cowboy Poetry IQ! Boyd scored 183. Can you beat that?
2 hours ago. 0 Comment
John Red Eagle is very excited about the new treaty. Knock on wood!
2 hours ago. 12 Comments
Tall James McGinley is no longer lonesome.
2 hours ago. 2 Comments
Boyd Boon has sent you a Stetson Badge for your profile! Send one to a friend to earn Stetson Points.
3 hours ago. 0 Comments
Boyd Boon is now in your posse.
Ol' Floyd Carson is known as June Carson. Any man who objects ain't gonna live to see daylight.
4 hours ago. 32 Comments
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt is now listed as incarcerated.
5 hours ago. 158 Comments
Wenatchee Kid isck of beans........SICK OF BEANS!!!!!
1 day ago. 2 Comments
Vaquero Esquerra next fella makes a joke regardin my height is fixin to be a notch in my six-shooter's handle.
1 day ago. 8 Comments
Bad James Randall shoot! ain't there noplace on this forsaken praire to adopt a kitten?
1 day ago. 14 Comments
Pancho and Lefty are no longer friends.
Tiny Madison I befriended a chinaman in the railroad camp but I can't remember which one! Shoot! bong? bang?
1 day ago. 0 Comments

Prospectin' Doyle claim for sale. gently used. light water dmg. make offer.
1 day ago. 41 Comments

Cincinnati Pete god in his glory shall replenish each buffalo i kill
1 day ago. 2 Comments

Doc Beauzerau elbow deep in jim hoyle's gut-shot torso and he endeavors to cut a toot! gross but funny
1 day ago. 6 Comments

Credit is due to Joshua Boruff for engineering the Rustlr experience!

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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