This week I assigned the target of classic movie posters. The goons had a large number of sources to work from, as there are many galleries of vintage movie posters occupying prime Internet real estate. As can be expected, the results were scary, funny, and a glowing indictment of humanity. But that was to be expected.You, the end user, are invited to journey beyond the stars (but not too far, because dinner will be ready in a half hour) and experience the joys and wonders of Goons destroying classic films.

I got things started by offering up this patriotic salute to America's vampires:

"pipebomb" created this terrifying movie about a male mummy with a womb. Those crazy hermaphrodites!

"pipebomb" really likes exploring mummy sexuality:

"Sandamnit" messes with the Belvedere, and is therefore on my shit list:

The dead don't stay dead for long, thanks to "DocEvil":

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