Arse Porn Cage made this image that you will magically forget after looking at.

johnnybgood1234 this image is a bit dark so you might need to switch to your flashlight.

PaladinNasicom is a moderately clever fellow and thus likely able to escape from many common traps.

The "w" in w-man stands for "wheat."

Sometimes lasers and spaceships are not enough and i hope one day w-man learns this.

w-man is hoping to make restitution for his many wrongs with this image.

That concludes this week! Thanks to Karma Sutra and johnnybgood1234 for getting the ball rolling, and to the Something Awful Forum Goons for making these fine images. Join us next week and I will give you a backrup.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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