Medicine is something that sets us apart from lower life forms, such as corn or gorillas. Medicine enables us to defeat sickness and disease, treat injuries, and prolong life. As shocking as that information might be to you, it is completely true. And like all human endeavors, it is not without profit motive. Pharmaceutical companies spend huge gobs of money to advertise products that they sell for ridiculous sums, and generally try to make your misfortune into a valuable source of income. This is precisely why I think we should outlaw medicine in all its forms. But before I gain the power to make my plans a reality, I have to rely on more subtle forms of subversion. That's why I asked the Something Awful Forum Goons to parody ads for medicine. And to go and make this whole event that much less focused, I went ahead and said they could pretty much do whatever else they wanted to do so long as it involved the medical profession. Sit back, relax with a bottle of your favorite pills, and enjoy whatever it is we are doing here this week.

We all love a good joke, unfortunately Mathemagician doesn't because this joke is BETTER THAN GOOD!

ucka is a Flintstone's kid. You bet your ass he is strong and growing.

exploitedtroll cruises on in like a unicycle-riding lobster.

FOOD!!! is cursed with ghost dots.

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