Food and beverages have, for many years and even decades, been our central source of fuel. Then enable us to not be hungry or thirsty, and for that they are a fairly important part of modern life. But are all foods and drinks good for you? No, they are not! Look no further than this week's haunting Photoshop Phriday, which, with the help of the SA Forum Goons, explores the dangerous side of all things edible (and drinkable)! Quickly now, ZOOM TO THE VIEWSCREEN!

I hereby nominate Pretzelcoatl for mayor of this week's Photoshop Phriday for this outstanding image combining my two greatest passions: boating and oatmeal.

Unkempt settles it once and for all: eggs are bad for you.

If I was on a picnic with Salt Gravy, I would probably be wishing I was somewhere else.

monkey8 takes the crushing torment out of breakfast.

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