The Internet has changed a lot since the last time SA Forums members drew Simpsons characters looking all fucked-up and shit. At least that's what I've heard; as a 9-year-old boy, I have no personal memories of that article's publication and impact. Also, many of the catchphrases that the Goons parodied are lost on me, because I concentrate on TV episodes that aired between my childhood and the present. (Fortunately, this covers the Simpsons' golden age, 2005-now.) The fresh-for-2014 wrinkle is that artists were supposed to "MSPaint The Simpsons without Looking at a Picture of Them," and while I suspect some people used different programs, physical art tools and/or reference images, they definitely drew Simpsons characters, in most cases. Bombardment!

FUll Sail unaversity student 1gnoirents showed off his skills with this starter image:


Das Boo

Exclamation Marx

Exclamation Marx

Exclamation Marx

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