I don't know much about babies, other than that they stink and they drool and their communication methods are maddeningly inscrutable. I'm even less familiar with Pokemon, other than knowing it is a thing that exists and seems to have a non-age-appropriate following. I'd rather attend Warped Tour 2010 than scroll through a bunch of parents posting pictures of their infants or people sharing their Pokemon card collections, but for some reason when the Something Awful Forum Goons combine these objectionable activities, the results are kinda alright. They're sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and always more interesting than they would have been otherwise.

noblesse emits a plaintive and mournful sound.

JoeGlassJAw keeps his masterpiece safe from prodding fingers.

The road Quatrefoil traveled to produce this image was long and fraught with delicious salty snacks.

There's a bat in the house! Shoes for pidgeons, go and get my stick!

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