As mentioned in the past Photoshop Phriday Variety Packs, there is a fair share of Photoshop fueled craziness running rampant on our beloved Something Awful Forums. Most of this craziness ends up getting featured either here or in the Goldmine, but sadly many Photoshop threads lack the longevity to warrant a full feature. With that said, this week we will be taking a look at two recent threads full of pictures that evoke what I call “laff-tar,” a process in which a person expresses amusement via uncontrolled and audible mirth. These threads are:

O’Reilly Books: A popular line of computer books are trashed by Goons who have no respect for boring technical books on how to program in Ultra COBOL C## Visual Innerspace Pascal, and other popular programming languages.

Adventures of Gatorade Boy: In what I can only call old school Something Awful Photoshopping, a whole bloody lot of the goons went and butchered the same picture, doing all kinds of horrible things to it. It doesn’t help that the picture is of a boy looking completely disgusted. That’s just asking for trouble.

In an effort to give homes to the needy, we're providing shelter to two very adorable Photoshop threads from the Something Awful Forums. One features nerdy technical books for topics you don't normally find technical books for, and the other is just, well, frightening.

SA Forum bigshot and programming wiseguy isnoop got all of the O'Reilly madness started. For those of you who don't know, O'Reilly markets a line of computer books covering popular programming languages.

"isnoop" fancies the big hairy gay men:

"JebDaddy" got his O'Reillys confused, an all too common problem these days.

"LoinWorm" is very good at negativity:

"isnoop" would have to be extremely tiny to dominate the world from a nutshell.

"Blinkz0rz" is a fan of them horse heads:

"chunky" offered up this book, which is required reading at all plumbing schools.

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