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Senator Galt and Family Sickened By Raw Milk Ice Cream Purchased on Internet

Ron Paulitics Today - July 1st, 2017
By CHARLES PONZARELLI A fun treat for the family almost ended in tragedy for US Senator John Galt and his three daughters. Galt purchased a gallon of Really Rocky Road raw milk ice cream from that proved to be tainted with Lysteria and a specific type of intestinal amoeba.
Government Shutdown: Confused Treasury Intern Deletes Missouri's Wallet.Dat File USA Today
Israel Voices Concern Over 1,000 BTC Per Day Withdrawal Limit on US Military Aid Through Mount Gox Scrye and Investment
New York Times - Dot Commerce - Foxwire
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Funny Pics Dot RU

Mob Launders $20 Million By Selling Themselves Licenses for Screenshot Software

The Voodoo Economist - June 30th, 2017
By PATTY VON MISES In a scheme described as "classic," mobsters Micky Trickledown, Johnny No Bubbles, and "Speculating" Tony Calibratsi were arrested today in the New Jersey Ultra Mall for laundering drug money by allegedly selling over one million licenses for "Softshot Pro Plus," a popular screenshot software, to themselves.
OPINION: Top Eight Bitminers Hoarding 97% of All Wealth and Why It's Good for America Fractional Investment Weekly
Value of 1 BTC Hits $175 Worth of Magic: The Gathering Uncommons AP
Madoffice Economix - True Grift - Pyramids Today
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Microsoft Slashes Price of Xbox 4D to +/- 18% of Current BTC Mean Exchange Value

Electronic Currency Gamer Hourly - June 29th, 2017
By HOWARD SELLMAN Hoping to spark flagging sales of the Xbox 4D, Microsoft announced today a plan to drop the price of the standard console by +/- 3% of Current BTC Mean Exchange Value (Meexva) for the upcoming holiday season.
TECH: The Android Weight Loss App That is Britain's Next Currency BBC
US Praises China for Forcing Prisoners to Manually Bitmine in Race for Last "Free" BTC AP
Liberdy Dollers - Dot Commerce - Foxwire
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OPINION: How Virtual Currency Will Help African Subsistence Farmers

Third World Opportunities - June 29th, 2017
By FAXMONGER JUTWOLF Another day and Jub is still praying that it will rain and he can find water for his crops, but without online currency to provide micro-capital for his water hole startup proposal he has no hope of irrigating even a bucket of beans.
Over-regulation of E-currencies Threatens to Slow Growth in Made-up Words for New Currencies The Voodoo Economist
The Case Against Public-funded 911 Dispatch Centers Libertyarian
Techscams - Fooling Libertarians Daily - Foxwire
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