scarymonkey made this dreadful image. LOOK AT IT WITH TERROR. I'm just kidding, you can enjoy it if you want. It really isn't that bad, aside from looking awful, but it doesn't follow the theme very well.

SLICKGOKUBABY is a master of comedy because he points out how much George Bush looks like an ape. Great, thanks for the stunning revelation. You're a true sage of ass.

Thanks ucka for really, really, really doing us all proud. I hope your get AIDS for Christmas, mister.

E.C. just plain sucks. I don't think I have to get more detailed than that.

PoundCoin wins the award for least talented, most fucking pathetic slob this week, which is especially impressive given the amount of crap submitted. Honestly, what the hell compels somebody to make something this goddamn lazy and stupid looking and then somehow think that it's worth uploading? Phriday is not your goddamn toilet, PoundCoin. Do not take a shit on us, PoundCoin. We hate you, PoundCoin. We want you to never ever open a graphics program again, PoundCoin.

There, there, and there. I quit. GOODBYE.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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