Ma_NiC scores hilarious laughs with POPE BIN LADEN! LOL! Best idea ever, and best execution ever. Man, this is so funny because the real bin Laden is a Muslim extremist and the pope is so totally catholic! Cut and paste your head into a vice, Ma_NiC.

PiousInvection made this and it's his first ever submission and he thinks it's close enough to the theme so please be gentle. If you can correctly tell me who any of these world leaders are, please do so, because I suspect PiousInvection might in fact just be very, very, very, very not smart.

Spacecow made this horrible image with famed world leader Charles Darwin riding a giant turtle. Because Spacecow apparently suffers from some mental handicap, I didn't want to look like a bigot and pass his image up. Also I secretly enjoy it, as I enjoy all images with giant turtles.

Oh far the love of god, are you people trying to give my eyes kidney stones? Fuck you ScottFarcas!

AHHH! GODDDAMNIT! GODDAMNIT! ARGGHHH! FUCK!!! JESUS, STOP ALREADY. FUCK!!! What is wrong with you shep? Can you not see your own hideous failure as a uman being reflected back at you in this image?

I'm still not done, keep reading.

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