I'll be honest. A lot of crap was submitted this week. Things were organized a bit differently than usual, and that brought in a lot of people who don't normally participate. People who do not know how to use the program this very weekly feature is named after (hint: it's not MS Paint). Seeing as how I'm a total asshole and I like kicking sand in people's eyes, the following pages will be dedicated to me insulting images I didn't like.

CraftyRube made this ugly masterpiece that spoke for itself so nicely he had to add a crapload of text. I still don't get it, but then maybe I'm just ignorant and CraftyRube is one of the true geniuses of our time. Come back in ten years and this image will seem like a beautiful fruit, ripened by the passage of time.

Excalibur gets half credit since his hilarious idea of "George Bush as a smart man" is bold and provocative. But he loses that half credit by doing a terrible cut and paste job that I can only assume resulted from him either not looking at the monitor while he was doing it or not being able to handle the mouse at all. I'm going to guess that at the time of making this image his hands were so coated with bull semen he simply couldn't move the mouse properly.

I think FredBreakfast actually had a good idea, since it was so stupid it was funny in a way. The problem was that 2d characters don't mix with 3d backgrounds. We certainly learned that painful lesson in a past Phriday dedicated to superheroes. If he would have taken screenshots from the movies, this might have worked a lot better. I'm just going to assume he was lazy and hates all of you.

What cracks me up about this hilarious image is that Fremry was so nervous that it was "not safe for work" that he linked to it instead of outright posting it. Dear lord, I can't imagine any work environment outside of a church where an ancient picture of a woman in a bikini would be deemed "not safe for work." And if people who work at churches are really reading the Something Awful Forums, then all hell has broken loose. I'm going to assume, because there is no other reasonable explanation, that Fremry is an elderly grandfather who mistook a computer for his dialyses machine and somehow, through an unexplainable serious of events, created a picture and put it on the Internet.

gameinformer is retarded and this image is all the proof we need:


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