Between the Tigers and Cory Lidle the Yankees have had a pretty shitty postseason so far. With the World Series out of the picture until next season, the Yankees will have major restructuring to do if they hope to fill the hole Corey Lidle created with his untimely death.

The SA Forums, understanding the anguish the Yanks must be going through, created a huge thread in memory of Lidle shortly after his accident. After writing two or three jokes of my own, I stole a bunch of theirs and dropped them into edited photos. Good thing Lowax won't be around to give me a speech about my work ethic -- rumor has it he's passed out in a Applebee's in Missouri! Welcome to Flavortown indeed, Kyanka!

If you talk to me much, you'll come to understand the principle that guides my life: science is for sissies.

Corey was a well-liked guy in baseball and basketball. I'm sure Pedro Martinez's rotator cuff will keep him company in the great part in the sky.

SA Forums goon Lloyd Christmas came across this touching message to another former Yankee.

Another goon, Cuban Chowder Factory, created this crude image all on his own. What a swell guy!

Triphos cracked this joke, which I gladly plugged into some old newspaper I found.

Forums member cuppycup took an old Monday Night Football error and turned it into new comedy! And he didn't even have to make a Snakes on a Plane joke!

In my professional opinion Jason F. Stull is a jerk.

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