Hey, where's the article?

Hello Internet!

After a lot of thinking (by which I mean "groaning while hitting myself on the head with a blunt object"), we here at the Second Life Safari have decided to update every other week as opposed to every Saturday.

While Second Life is brimming with buffoonary, our time and creativity is a more limited commodity. We'd rather produce two high quality, high effort articles a month than four pieces of steaming shit, and this seems the best way to do it, other than making me stop writing. Good thing I stole Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka's soul and secured my lofty throne of Internet fame! NOW NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME.

Where was I.


So, from now on, the first Saturday of each month will feature an Safari article (like the Star Trek one). Two weeks later, you'll get a more traditional, frontpage-style article, like the first one.

I thought about seamlessly transferring into that system, but realized that a good portion of you might well die of shock and withdrawal if there was no update! Fair warning is fair play.

So tune back in next Saturday, when we'll delve into our mailbox and dredge up our first hate mail! There is nothing that invigorates me more than legal threats from the Internet!

In the interim, I hope you enjoy this video, which Ignavus made quite some time ago once he figured out how to spawn 1980's pop culture icons in Second Life. You can also bookmark the Second Life Safari index archive, since it's not yet available on the navigational bar. I'm going to go kick back with a nice, tall glass of chihuahua piss or something. Have fun!

– Chris "Petey" Peterson

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