There are over 100 songs by 75 bands featured in Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer's love song to heavy metal songs which has gotten so much good press that it's not likely to be his swan song.

Oh my. I actually wrote that. It's staying. I have to punish myself or I'll never learn.

In addition to all those... tracks, there are quite a few uncredited excerpts from relatively unknown bands interspersed throughout the game. If you catch yourself thinking, "Wait, if that wasn't 'Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery' by Skeletonwitch, what was it?", please refer to this handy list of uncredited heavy metal songs in Brutal Legend.

"Dragon Mall Shooting"
by Eyebleed

"If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get The Hell Out Of Hell"
by True Tom Waits

"Nuclear Bomb In A China Shop"
by Neverending Ending

"From This Throne Of Razors My Laughter Echoes Across Reality"
by 666/666 Vision

"Girl Of Your Nightmares"
by Nightmare Factory With No Health Inspector

"In Valhalla I Killed A Triceratops"
by Skorvald Hjumbir

"Lake Of Acid, Mountain Of Band-Aids"
by Horrorblight

"While My Corpse Gently Seeps"
by Spew

"Thanks For Your Business, Now Die!"
by The Satanic Gas Station Clerks

"Sex With Ghosts"
by Bob Dylan

"That Delicious Meatball Was Your Kidney, Asshole"
by Feast Macabre

"Kicking Santa In The Balls"
by Strynger Belle

"A Sandcastle But All The Grains Of Sand Are Tiny Skulls"
by Skullbunch

"Terminator Was A Robot"
by Curdle

"Pissing In The Graveyard"
by Soundbyrst Starforge

"You Have To Eat Your Ice Cream Quickly (In Hell)"
by Lactozzia

"Laser Gun Of The Gods"
by Vicious Ferocity

"Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Eviscerate Today"
by Rhinoplastic

"Lighting Cigarettes With Lightning"
by Harm's Way

"Black Dawn (At Least, I Think It's Dawn)"
by Slave Prison

"Guns Don't Kill People, Universal Health Care Kills People"
by Fathom

"Pillowfight To The Death"
by Icy Plague

"Coffin Shoppin"
by Swyne Flü

"Your God Doesn't Exist And He's A Dick"
by Antichurch Crucibullet

"Theme From Meatballs (cover)"
by Eyeball Tornado

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes
Just another friendly reminder from LucasArts that yes, Star Wars is still being run into the ground, and they've recently struck magma. 2/10

If you don't mind an RPG where the primary quest is to find the game's interesting and fun bits hidden beneath awkwardly implemented features and a sloppy presentation, you might actually have a good time. 6/10

Brutal Legend
The best game about heavy metal since Psychonauts. 8/10

Uncharted 2: Drake's Fortune
If I could travel back and tell my six year old self that one day video games would be this cinematic and full of detail, I would have turned my current self in to the Anti-Time Travel Task Force because I'm just that stone cold. 10/10

Demon's Souls
The only game where you could probably die in the character creation menu and LOVE IT. 8/10

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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