Welcome to the Webcam Ward, where we are being punished by some horrible demonic parody of God, forcing us to watch terrible YouTube videos every two weeks. In this epsiode, we take a look at a YouTube classic from 2008 featuring some internet jerk-off valiantly defending Mega Man 9 from vague, possibly imaginary attackers. Thank God somebody was finally brave enough to take on such a challenge! Diabetus and I try to make our pain go by faster.

RANT: Mega Man 9 haters

SamueltehG33k with a 360 controller (left) and dignity (not pictured) Added:
Description: stfu
User: SamueltehG33k
Rating: 116/138 people like this video!
Views: 3,776

Best Viewer Comment: xenocide8 - i know what you mean mega man 9 haters do suck i mean i know this person who obviously didn't grow up with mega man games like i did she said it didn't bring as much as mega man 8 i have no idea what she's talking about mega man 8 was the worst mega man game ever mega man 9 was made with 8-bit graphics because it's called nostalgia which she obviously fails to see [slowbeef's note: I didn't understand a word of this]

That does it for this week at the Webcam Ward and if you run into a downright horrible video on the world wide web, let us know!

– Michael "slowbeef" Sawyer and Dia "Diabetus" Betus

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