Food does not come out of holes.

This is even better than those romance novels... which I do not read.

Judge Mathis is going to have his work cut out for this one.

What the hell.

After the disaster on 04-07, 19383636 looked for strength in the noble eagle. Whether they found any or not, I know one thing to be true: I will never forget what happened that day.

And so ends the Weekend Web AOL Search log trilogy. Thanks to everyone who provided AnonIDs and images for this week's article: Devastator, VoCS, Dramascus, Novocaine, vrunt, Liam Teeboon, CaptainWinky, Foomin, rats, Hazar Dakiri, ME, Pseudo, Flying-Wiz, Stevens Yeung, mickey, SydBarrett, tfaymob, gobbles, Core, Deathwind, RedFlux, Fermat, Flying-Nugs, boingthump, JAMOOL, Jim Bumgardner, Dane Olson, Marxux, James Dixon, Hydrogen, Steve Bates, Kenny Madrid, Propaniac and Zen-Master. Of course, a huge thanks again goes out to xGryph who provided that lovely search tool that made these articles possible.

Know of a terrible forum that could be featured in a future Weekend Web? Please send me a link!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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