Yoshi Art

You got to really, really, really, really, really, really, really like drawing Yoshi to end up with thousands of posts here. It's also the only Yoshi-related forum I know of that has a life problems subforum, you know, because being obsessed with cartoon characters isn't a life problem in and of itself.

Now errbody in the club gettin tips (tipping backwards in their computer chairs)

If I were a movie critic and this were a movie I could say "Dino Dude is a Dino DUD!" and get away with it. Not here though.

I wonder if "ABYAY" ever pretends he's Yoshi poopin' out eggs when he's on the can.

"Mafioshi's" deepest, innermost dream is to stand guard over the back to school sale at Mervyn's.

Forgive him, Rodrigo, he knows not what he does.

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