Goofus is a total dork and ends up being featured in a Weekend Web.
Gallant avoids the Internet entirely and has strong muscles and bones.

Big Foot's Pad

My brother had a friend in high school who must have been at least 7 feet tall with huge clown feet. He had to duck to get through our door, even. One time I went over to his house and the place smelled paralyzingly like someone had stuffed old cat food in the heating vents. This Big Foot's Pad stinks too, but in a different way.

I get all my reputable information from Zombie Zone.

Someone should abduct "abductee48's" computer.

"creeper303" has stumbled onto the magical world of bears.

Talk about insensitivity.

Ghosts are okay, they aren't that great.

"flamelord16" solves another case from the comfort of his foil-covered trailer.

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