You know that Pokemon rip off show Digimon? You thought it was some stupid anime but it turns out, it's real! Yeah! Digimon is hiding behind a comet that is scheduled to pass by Earth in exactly one year. When the comet is in the sky all the Digimon believers are going to drink poison and join our favorite Digimon characters on their spaceship. Read all about our plan at Digiclipse, headquarters for the Digimon revolution.

Sounds reasonable.

But who built the pyramids? Digimon did. It all makes sense now.

Alright someone is posting high.

Hey, when we are in the digital world do we turn into cool dudes who have sex with a lot of girls or are we just the same old boring nerds? I have to know this.

The digital world makes you sterile?

I felt the same way about Sliders.

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