Have a lot of pent up anger toward women? Did a girl you really liked reject your awkward advances? Did your mom make you dress up in petticoats and always threaten to cut off your dick because all men are scum especially your father and you're going to grow up to be a jerk like him? Then the forum for you is MenAreBetterThanWomen. Never has misogyny been such monotony.

Heh, did you hear the one that goes something like, "What do you call a woman? A cunt life support system!" Hi-yo!

So a priest, a rabbi, and a vagina walk into a bar!

Even if this guy is an obvious unfunny gimmick, there are thousands of losers that actually believe this shit.

No one is impressed with your ability to grow hair to cover up your acne scars.

Dare I say that once a woman gives birth to a child you have 20 seconds to wrestle the kid away from her until she feeds it drugs. MEN, DON'T LET WOMEN NEAR YOUR CHILDREN.

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