Students of the World

A mysterious chatroom-forum hybrid that by all accounts, has no good reason to exist. Like a forum, conversations often take place over the span of days or weeks, but like a chatroom, nobody really talks about anything worthwhile. If you search through the thousands of rooms and can find one in which people actually had a real-time conversation, you'll have good luck for the rest of the day.

Avery Brooks was a badass on Star Trek. He's not so great on this forum, though.

Beats me who the hell Dylan and Cole Sprouse are but they have like 800 dedicated rooms on this website and they're all pretty much exactly like this.

It looks like around 23:31 Brit saw nobody was replying and decided she wasn't cool anymore. To be honest I didn't think she wasn't all that cool to begin with.

It's like a CB radio transcript but without some guy chiming in with "Fuckin' faggots and niggers" for no reason every so often.


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