It. Won't. Help.

I have gaz'd upon a substantial wenche but alas, her image is no friend to mine eyes.

This guy is either just a fancy boy or an immortal god of rock.

Woah dude do you think you could draw me a picture of an enormous-eyed chick with huge, inhuman tits?

Oh Ginger, you're just too much! (and I mean that in more than one way)

An entire cheesecake. AN ENTIRE CHEESECAKE. Holy god.

That's it for today. Thanks to my forum friends bbchops, NoControl, Blank Frank, Ethane, Machado de Assis, Skereton Cum, King Pwn, kazoogirl, MrZodiac, KNTain, decoy octopus, HateTheInternet, Capt_Jim, John Mirra, Marxux, CommanderKhaine, Icequeen, Lymm, Zinco, WorkinClassZero, 19, Ouija, jackelope, and Shmorky.

If you know of a rotten forum that could be featured in a future Weekend Web or if you're fat and want to yell at me: Here's the link you're looking for!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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