This week brings the first in a short series of "Poser Pages" designed to lift the spirit and rejuvinate the mind after a stressful Weekend Web. Those of you who often write and complain of headaches and nausea after reading should be rather pleased indeed, because now you get another reason to send emails and using technology is fun!


A porno forum has their own life problems subforum for posting what could be some of the most depressing situations human society can possibly ever muster. I can't imagine what sort of masochistic brain would decide it was a good idea to make this cesspit. It's like if you already had a really bad infestation of rats and then you invited them to come out and shit all up in your dinner.

Washing your face for once in your horrible life = Mysterious moon-man activity

It's exactly like the time the Library of Alexandria burned down except it's about porno and only one guy was upset.

"the tales of guys most depraved jerk off.. theyre irresistable !!! i cant stop holding my dick !!! help :))"

How do you "eat" food? How do you "breathe" air?

If it really is a story like "chueyjoo" says it is we should start burning books again.

Oh "Curtis Knight" you are joust crazy!

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