Tibia is some online game that I had never even heard of before this. As far as I know, it's the first online RPG to combine SNES-level graphics with about 18 million illiterate players. Hey, you're stupid.

This guy is really getting on my nerves!


They don't call him "Lackus" for nothing.

walks into a bar with a bartender and there are some guys playing cards at a table "hello bar man give me a drink" i say and he gives me some nasty liquid in a dirty mug i say "whats this you litter bug" and he yells at me and bangs on the bar i quickly draw my sharpest blade "you are a fool to challenge me" i quickly jump up and hang from a chandelier while the bartender runs over and tries hitting my legs with a stool but he misses i put my hand in my mouth and whistle for my horse and it bursts through the door and its all makin horse noise and i land on its saddle and we ride...

It's a game with elves.

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