Goths Against Hate, submitted by Albert. Finally a site where a bunch of empowered goths take a break from whining about the longing in their bosoms to whine about racism instead! I really wish Rome would declare war on these scoundrels again, because they're just too much. I think goths are a little bit easier to swallow when they're wallowing in their own ridiculousness and not championing the obvious cause of "racism is bad." I have a cause for you crazy children of the night to champion. It's the cause of GO OUTSIDE AND GET A TAN.

Goths Against Hate is a organization set out to help eliminate the negative images and stereotypes that the media and other uneducated people have about us.

I'll drop my negative image of you screwballs when you stop pretending to be dead Victorian pirate vampires, or whatever the heck you're trying to be. You want to earn people's respect? Be creative. Drop the whole goth shtick and come up with something more interesting to fill the void caused by your poor childhood. Being goth is a crutch for you fools! Even if you based your lives around trying to emulate episodes of Sanford and Son, you'd still be doing a lot better than you're doing now. At the very least, a gothic Sanford and Son lifestyle would sure be swell.

Oh, and I hate this site.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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