JESUS WE LOVE YOU!!!, submitted by Viking. A horrid web site FOR JESUS! Like many things that are terrible and are put together by untalented people, this web site attempts to make itself worthwhile by associating FREE DOWNLOADABLE GAMES and AWESOME NON-LOADING JAVA APPLETS with Christ. This is very similar to TV show Law and Order, which rips plots from the headlines and tries to make istelf more important by having every episode be vaguely related to some baby eating serial killer or something.

Who are we you ask? We are you! We are just humble servants of our most awesome God. I have created this site to provide a nice Christian friendly place where we can all come and play live games, make new friends, get world news at a glance, chat, find out about new and exciting game clubs on the net, fellowship, and find useful information on how to come to know our Lord, God. We have added some live Java games to the CFC game club and much more to come lord willing. If the JAVA games are not to your liking you will find links to hundreds of FREE downloadable games! All this is yours absolutely FREE! Yes that's right it's all free so come back often and enjoy! Feel FREE To link to us or any of our utilities. Thanks for taking the time to read this and remember, it's our privilege and duty to be Crusaders For Christ every day! :-) Don't forget to sign our Guestbook and if you have a prayer request it's the perfect place to post it! Thanks and remember, Jesus, Loves YOU!

My favorite episode of Law and Order was the one where Jerry Orbach's daughter was going to dance with Patrick Swayze and he was totally like "NOT IN MY HOUSE MISTER". That was straight out of the headlines. Oh yeah, the Awful Link of the Day, it's no Law and Order, I'll tell you that much.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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