IMDB rankings and reviews are horrible representations of what people generally think about movies. The only people who would bother voting for a film, or writing a review for it, are those who actually like the film. Why would anyone bash a movie they don't like on the inter- Oh. Never mind.

Shiny neon light me like.

Dragon Ball Z is for people who are too stupid to follow a storyline that consists of more than who is going to fight who. See also: professional wrestling.

If I ran an internet forum and I saw a Juggalo walking towards my site I would tell everyone to shut up, turn down the lights, and lay low until the bastard leaves. I think that's what IMDB is doing in this thread. Post deleted! Nobody's here! Go home!

This whole thing is just silly.

When I was a kid my friend's mother had a "vision from Christ". She thought she saw Jesus and he told her to spread His gospel. Well, she started going around the nieghborhood asking people if they would like to convert to Christianity, go to church, pray with her, etc. The only difference I see between this woman and Mel Gibson is that Gibson has millions of dollars and is able to take his message to a wider audience. Both of them are still crazy as fuck.

Spy Kids is just another franchise that gets worse as it goes on. I enjoyed the first movie, sat through the second, and didn't even bother to watch the third, rolling my eyes through that Hispanic shit the entire time.

Yeah, kind of like how Drumline was about the marching band.

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