Spike TV! You just shot straight to the top there "fep 3000"!

I'm a wrench.

Didn't you get the memo? All movies are required to be about black oppression now.

How great would it be to be a celebrity? My God, you would have tons of would-be slaves at your disposal. If I were a celebrity I would have them carry out my evil plans. If I needed to block someone's driveway with a human wall all I would need to do is just say the word. Oh man I would block so many driveways.

There's still people who actually give a shit about Star Trek? Wow. Color me impressed.

My girlfriend would leave me in a second if it meant she could have Ewan McGreggor's manbabies. I must admit I could say the same thing about Redd Fox.

Last I heard "Fresh Funky" was sent to live with his relatives in Bel-Air.

Expected pudding quip here.

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