Indulge in pleasure with your special someone for valentimes...

Experience the pleasure of Sybaris romantic resort franchise I bought. Get away this valentimes day to my erotic suites of rural Ohio where you can indulge all your pleasures in the privacy of my erotic suites.

Hello, I'm Mike Tyson. I was a boxer, but now I am a sybarists. Helping all your fantasies come true on my 75 acre property as-is in Southington, Ohio the heart of all lovers.

Call me cupid even though as I mentioned my name is Mike Tyson. Allow me to give you a tour of my fantasy estates.

I still got rooms available and valentimes is in 2-5 days so call now
call my cell phone at 888-234-2213
or send an email to my friend Puckett at
he got a email and he will come and tell me about your room

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