Hey, go to hell!

I have several fat and smelly friends that would like to have a word with this "Spence" character.

Jake looks on the bright side, at least he won't have to pay for college!

yo roach whats crackin this is she

This is just like Anne Frank's diary except I actually want to read it again.

There we go! Thanks to Salad Warehouse, Ignat, J. Elliot Razorledgeball, Sexual Glacier, Ron Obvious, chipe, grandpas new thong, KAZ, Deg, Sally Stretchmarks, Loophole, Vermain, Lovestink, graey alien, japanther, Doghouse MD, AAAAA, Auraphex, A Certain Ratio, and Projekt for all helping in our noble quest.

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– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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