"So I went ahead and bought bakedfurs.org . I've decided that it's not going to just be representative of the #bakedfurs channel, but I'd like to see it welcome all members of the furry drug using community. None of us in #bakedfurs on FurNet really knows anyone on Anthrochat, or the bakedfurs club on DA, and I'm sure it's the same the other way around. Perhaps we could use it as a tool to... well... not really unify. Or make a gay little club. Just meet each other, I guess - and spread our anti-prohibitionist propaganda (without getting too preachy, of course)"


So Aight,

I'm the one and only Bird that thinks he's a fox.

I MEAN YAP I'mmafox.

So, if any of yous has any questions about nootropics, RCs or want to talk about the theory behind pharmodynamics. I'm always here.


"Cocaine, more effective if dosed via suppository?
Theoretically yes, but theoretically large enough doses to get a good buzz on would burn your tailhole, especially the lower the quality. Still, if you give it a shot let us know the outcome. And send pics, please ^.~"


"SWIM takes an LSA extract (HBWR source) to help him get in touch with his furry or animal self, but he doesn't like the negative sexual side effects (impotence) that come with taking the extract. Any recommendations to deal with the problem or perhaps any alternative drug recommendation to help SWIM, preferably an ethnobotalical SWIM can legally buy."


– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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