"Steven Spielberg resigns from chinas olympics, not to promote american fascism Khalid sheik mohammed on trial for being captured and confessing to stuff In the uk Sharia law row after voodo priests mumbo jumbo gibberings Hello economic slave peasants, welcome to the fkn newz, Ive got the funk - here are tonights headlies"

Today's ALOD is about a crazy 9/11 truther, conspiracy theory news network, broadcasted by an enthusiastic bald guy who lives in the Matrix. Watch the videos, and learn the TRUTH about the Olympics, Ron Paul, starting your own bank, bombs, Steven Spielberg, Massacre Hymns, Fucking Christ, and voting for McCain in 2008.

It's like the Fox News Channel in a parallel universe, only its just as fair and unbiased. It's a shame he doesn't cover sports.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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