The Strange Society, submitted by C. Puzzo. Speaking of insanely stupid stories, I happened upon this site today. Let me tell you, this shit makes the tale of Wilson Dildo look like the Bible in comparison. They're stories about something, that much I know. Beyond that, I couldn't tell you much.

"Excuse me, Mr...Fukov," asked Sicko, reading the name tag of a Jewel personnel, "do you carry contraceptives?"

"My name is Major Fukov. My father was a general in the Soviet army. There, the name 'Fukov' was a symbol of power, respect, and dignity!"

"Why'd you move here then?"

"Our cafeteria began demanding too much money."

That's just a taste of the epic...whatever the hell this site has to offer. Also notice its layout, which seems to be there to create atmosphere. A well defined "This fucking sucks" atmosphere. I'm sure there's some twisted deviant sexuality in there too, there always is. After all, this is the Internet.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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