Acne Beat: Teens Helping a Friend Overcome Acne, submitted by Hunter Hubbell. Dude, getting acne is DA BIZZZZBOMB YO! Er, no wait, acne isn't "dope" at all! Or is it? Hell, I don't know, "Acne Beat" has beaten me into submission with their hip, posture-unfriendly teenagers who all extol the virtues of using prescription acne medication. You know, the same kind of prescription acne medication that Dermik Laboratories makes. You know, the same Dermik Laboratories that coincidentally "sponsored" this page. You know, the same page which will destroy your will to live thanks to their relentlessly terrible Flash "movie."

Zits, Acne, Spots, Pimples
Teen band the Mirrors get them, so you're not alone. Join them on a journey to their big gig at the Rockport Festival and find out how they help their friends overcome acne.

WOW! An "interactive" (read as: it waits for you to click a button before showing you the next horribly drawn frame) journey chronicling the decent into madness of hit teenage band "The Mirrors," all thanks to Dermik Laboratories! Thank you very much for the colorful, multi-racial, gender balanced joyride! I used to think that whiteheads were "boss," but now I know that Dermik Laboratories BenzaClin is "rad to the max!" Thank you for presenting this information in an amusing, educational, entertaining fashion, Dermik Laboratories! You guys are "the bomb!"

PS: You must have the Flash plugin configured on your computer to watch this trainwreck. Naturally, I recommend uninstalling Flash before visiting.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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