Way of the Wind's Journal, submitted by Jackie. I have a few recurring themes in my writing, and by recurring themes I mean jokes I run into the ground, and one of those is the old "write it in my dream journal" shtick. Well, Way of the Wind does write stuff in her/his dream journal, not only that but he/she combines almost all of the qualities I hate in people. Annoying references to a dull British TV show? Check. Otherkin (they think they are a dragon in this case)? Check. Shitty art that is supposed to be like, so deep man? Check. Cult of personality inherent in almost all Live Journals? Check. Adoration for those annoying as shit "you are X" questionnaires where you end up being told that you're R2D2 or the fat guy from Babylon 5 or whatever? Check. It's like a template for my enemies.

ThramesArctuth (4:42:19 PM): I love you
Sandstorrm (4:42:24 PM): I love you too
Sandstorrm (4:42:29 PM): wow, and Batman loves me too
ThramesArctuth (4:42:33 PM): hee
ThramesArctuth (4:42:38 PM): what's he doing? :)
Sandstorrm (4:42:48 PM): being very affectionate and difficult to type around
Sandstorrm (4:42:53 PM): purring loudly
ThramesArctuth (4:42:59 PM): hee ^_^
ThramesArctuth (4:43:05 PM): ky00t :)
ThramesArctuth (4:44:25 PM): yay!!!!11!!!!!
ThramesArctuth (4:44:40 PM): YAY!!!111!!!~@2!!! I LOVE MY KITTY!!!
Sandstorrm (4:45:45 PM): You've a kitty too, ha?
ThramesArctuth (4:46:15 PM): she puked on the carpet, looks like she evacuated her entire stomach contents
Sandstorrm (4:49:28 PM): Oh. That's not as much fun at all.
ThramesArctuth (4:49:35 PM): nope

ZackParsons (2:50:02 AM): i hope u both die o________O
ZackParsons (2:50:47 AM): 4 serious :P

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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