Underdog's Not Safe For Fark, submitted by UFF. NOTE: Site currently taken down and replaced with loopback.jpg

You know your site has hit the big time when it has sites that simultaneously rip it off, pay homage, and make it look bad. If FARK's photoshop threads are the special ed class at the school then Underdog's NSFF is the room next to the furnace where they lock the kid that tries to stab himself in the face with a pencil constantly. It features "adult" Photoshops predominantly of a caliber not even ready for a geocities site let alone Fark and the gist of the comedy seems to be adding penises to women.

THEME: Jennifer Lopez (use any pic of her)

Yes, using the clone tool to place a nose on J-Lo's abdomen is the height of wit and skill. I wish this were an example of a particularly lame submission to the site, but honestly it's basically an average example, maybe even a little better than average since they didn't give Lopez a dick. This site is the absolute bottom of the barrel in the swollen ranks of Photoshop themed sites.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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