The Antidote, submitted by Thisaintsweettea. If you were retarded enough to get AIDS, you're probably dumb enough to buy this product.

The Antidote have simply taken the crocodile�s best weapon against infection and made it functional for human application.

The Antidote does not require a prescription or medical consultation before being taken as it is a natural alternative to Antibiotics or drugs which have failed to kill virulent viruses or bacteria that have developed an immunity to current antibiotics and drugs produced by modern medicine.

The common cold is a thing of the past, even serious infectious diseases such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, SARS and many other life threatening diseases can be helped by the miracle healing powers of the Antidote.

Yes, that all makes perfect sense. I mean, have you ever seen a sick crocodile? Why, just take a look at the crocodile on the front page of this site!


So head on over to and order now! Remember, "the Antidote is only available from our Internet website. No major drug company wants you to get your hands on it." Quit dying and start living with... THE ANTIDOTE! You sorry sap.

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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