Official Uwe Boll Fanpage, submitted by me. This can not be. I'm always wary of sites that are just a little too over the top to be real, and my spidey sense is going crazy at the prospect of the infamous director Uwe "I'll try to squeeze in an Army Men: Sarge's War movie between Toe Jam & Earl and Redneck Rampage" Boll having a real fan club. If this site is to be believed, his fans are just about as eloquent as the man himself.

Hey Chicos, Uwe Boll bought the rights of the cult-classic game "Postal" from "Running With Scissors"-Godfather Vince Desi. Now some sick moron writes the script. Shooting will be start in 2006 and there is probably Gary Coleman's sweet little ass and manhole inspector "The Gimp" in the movie. Woohoo, the Postal Dude would say: "Holy's the apocalypse......again !"


Nah, not real. I refuse to let it be.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker

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