OneBucPlace, submitted by Me. While searching for stuff on Bucs coach Jon Gruden, I came across this little gem of a site:

However a few words of advice for Jon Gruden. When you're moving the ball by mixing up the play calling, DON'T FUCKING RUN IT 3 TIMES IN A ROW AND PLAY FOR A FIELD GOAL WHEN THE GAME IS TIED AND YOUR KICKER HAS ALREADY MISSED ON BOTH OF HIS TRIES. You fucking idiot, you're moving the ball and then when you get into the position to put the game away you decide instead to just run clock? Are you retarded?

This season is over. Along with the call at on 4th and 1 in Atlanta you've made some of the worst calls in a game I've ever seen.

So once again I ask, please, please, please fire that fucking idiot Jon Gruden.

I think he wants Jon Gruden fired maybe!? Also, he signs all his rants, "P.S. - Kurt Warner is a homosexual." Classy.

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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