Complaints About TV Entertainment, submitted by Reverend Witten. If you want to see another professional TV viewer at work, be sure to give this site a whirl. It shines the spotlight on some of the worst goofs in TV history, such as this starting revelation about "The Andy Griffith Show":

On the syndicated rerun aired 10 July 2003, with his bare hands and little effort, Sheriff Andy Taylor pulled down an axe that was hanging suspended in a haunted house. A wire strong enough to hold an axe was unlikely to give way so easily.

Don't look now, but it looks like "CSI" is a pretty poorly made production!

In a scene in "Greed" (18 April 2004) dated 1985, A stockholder utters the phrase, "back in the day". The expression would not become common parlance in the middle class until years later.

Here's a shocker from "The District" that will make you hate TV forever.

On 27 October 2001, Commissioner Mannion pronounced the word 'effective' as "ee-fective" -- thus violating two rules of English: the rule requiring single vowels before double consonants to be short, and the rule requiring a short vowels in an antepenult in words imported from Latin.

Look out, Letterman, the gig is up!

Preparing on 3 August 2004 for Bill Clinton's appearance, David Letterman said, "We're in a presidential mood." What emotional state is that?

Television is not for amateurs. If you want to be entertained go to a fucking circus and leave the shows to us professionals.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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