Marumaru, submitted by RedChocobo. Don't you get a boner from imagining your favorite Pokeman characters as fat females? I know, me too! This is why the Internet is great. We might not have much in common, but we will always have our deranged sexual perversions to fall back on. Oh Psyduck, why did you eat so much ice cream?

"Of all the species on the Pokemon world, Psyduck are the most susceptible to chocoholism. A common site in bars and dorms is a young Psy-girl, having eaten herself into an enraptured sugar-stupor the night before, waking up with a pounding hangover, a sugarcoated tongue, and a telling tightness to her clothes. "

I'm sure this will kill about 10 minutes of time today as you browse the rouges gallery of these fatty pet fighters. Then you will be fired for looking at fat pokeman drawings at work. Serves you right.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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