Dr. Thorpe, submitted by Amanda.

Fraud! Phony! Impostor! Merchant of snake-oil and wacky pills! Online prescription refiller! …I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Thorpe may be a perfectly nice man (or perhaps a perfectly nice piece of “Doctor” stock photo clipart), but you all know that I’m intensely protective of my name, and I won’t let just anyone use it.

I must object to your lack of proper resources and credentials, Dr. Thorpe! Behold, his particularly barren “resources” page:

Below is a list of widely used medical resource. The content below is 3rd part, and does not directly reflect Dr. Thorpe Inc. Nor is Dr. Thorpe Inc. responsible for the content of any of the listed web sites on this web page.

Just what are you responsible for, “Dr. Thorpe”? AIDS? Foodborne illness? Ailments of the kidneys? The death of Christ?

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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